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 Posted: Aug 10 2016, 04:41 AM

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Name: Glimmer
Age: Early Twenties
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn
Appearance: Glimmer is slim, ever so slim, with long legs and a thin neck. One might be tempted to call her delicate. She is taller than the average mare, standing nearly as tall as some stallions. It seems to add to her majesty and her charm. Her cutie mark is a spotlight. Glimmer's mane and tail vary from day to day, depending on what she is doing and what her job requires of her. On a normal day however, Glimmer's mane and tail is styled teal and dark blue. Both are well kept and shine, whatever the light may be. They are neat and long if a little plain. Very pretty to whoever would behold them. Her eyes are green. Glimmer's coat is a soft white rather than a bright white. There are light tones of pink under her white fur giving her coat a cream colour.

Personality: Glimmer is a simple pony with a simple dream, to be on the cover of the biggest and best magazine in Canterlot. Then to go on and bathe in the glamorous limelight. With her good looks, who can stop her? She loves the arts, music, dancing, fashion, painting, literature. They all inspire her greatly. Anything that feeds her imagination is perfect for her. Unfortunately, the pony has little imagination herself. Glimmer is not as smart as she'd like. She is often ignorant of important things and can never seem to formulate the best of plans when dealing with trouble. With a heavy heart, she has accepted that she simply isn't as smart as a lot of ponies. This hasn't stopped what is important for her though, Glimmer is determined to follow her dream no matter what. To compensate for her lack of intelligence, she seems to be inherently lucky. While a task is never easy for her, she always gets it done. Through hard work, or pure chance. Almost like someone is watching over her. While Glimmer is not one for formulating plans or personal organisation, she is very good at following orders and being the centre of attention. Glimmer thrives in the spotlight. Being the centre of attention almost has a hive mind like effect on her. She can direct and inspire through her unique blend of honesty and determination which is the heart of her charismatic charm. On a more personal level, Glimmer is a sweet pony who prefers talking about ponies other than herself. She loathes flattery, it being all too common in her industry, and for a pony with her looks. Deep down she thinks herself shallow and uninteresting while other ponies seem to sparkle with character, just like the star she wants to be. Her dream is little more than a rationalisation of her desire to be loved by all and recognised for more than just her looks. She wants to forge deep meaningful relationships where her friends like her for the pony she is, not just because she looks pretty. The stallions she's met have almost never seen her true character. Her charm, grace and sense of humour were all ignored. Those experiences have made her somewhat pessimistic on the concept of love. They always seemed to like her for her looks as opposed to the pony underneath. When it comes to her looks, Glimmer is always dazzling to behold. She never goes anywhere until she is sure she'll look stunning. In stark contrast to the care she puts into her public looks, she's an absolute slob in private. Her apartment is messy and Glimmer can't organise herself to save her life. She tends to sleep in and dress down when by herself. The pony's tardiness has certainly cost her, though she never can quite understand when it does.

Backstory: Glimmer was born in Fillydephia to two loving parents. Her mother, Loom Dye, is an amateur seamstress working for a small time clothes shop. While her work is never exceptional, it is always good quality. Her father, Emerald Sheen, works as a guardsman for the city constabulary. On both her parent's incomes, Glimmer was raised in a comfortable household alongside her brother Emerald Glass. Despite her early sibling jealousy of her brother's intelligence, the pair get along quite well. Emerald Glass is an archaeologist and often tells his sister fascinating tales of his expeditions and discoveries. While Glimmer is the older sister, she always regards herself as less mature than her brother. He is intelligent and bright, but shy. Glimmer gave up her jealousy a long time ago and was instrumental in getting her brother a place on an important expedition into the San Palomino Desert. Glimmer is the only unicorn in an immediate family of earth ponies. Her grandfather had been a unicorn however. Glimmer moved to Canterlot to pursue her dream of becoming a star and has taken odd modelling jobs and a few acting roles since. Her career hasn't quite taken off, but she does enough of what she loves to not need a second job. Her agent, Starfinder, is confident that she will make it one day. He supports her as much as he can and always manages to find her work. Despite her good looks and charm she has little in regards of a personal life and has never found the stallion of her dreams. Not even close... This troubles her parents greatly, however Glimmer wants to find a stallion who will love her for who she is. Not just because she looks pretty. She is adamant that through it all, she will eventually get around to finding mister right. Right after she achieves her dreams of stardom. She has been in a few noteworthy productions as an extra and was given a few speaking parts in several less noteworthy plays. Glimmer has also appeared in several magazines, some more important than others. It seems her career is right on track. Of course, in this new age of turmoil there was less demand for actresses. Glimmer was initially much worse off after Nightmare Moon took power, disliking the ever present night and feeling bad for Princess Celestia. Ultimately though, there was nothing she could do. Demand for her skills soon returned to normal, though she is still recovering from the sudden dip in finances. She has most recently appeared on the cover of a notable fashion magazine, wearing the latest in Canterlot fashion. Gone were the old sunny and bright fabrics, for this was the time of the night. She appeared wearing deep purple and black, showing off her impressive range, and she found she quite liked 'going dark' for the role. Politics is not her concern, but she is certainly happy that while fashions have changed, her fortune has not. For now at least.

Cutie Mark: Glimmer earned her cutie mark in the school production of 'Hearth's warming eve'. A play about the founding of Equestria and the unification of the three pony tribes. Glimmer had always been fascinated with the theatre and the arts. She tried multiple times to engage in creative arts and crafts projects, desperate to earn her cutie mark as a writer or a painter. Her works were far from adequate and she was chided at school, earning her the nickname of "Ditzy Dimmer". Her parents encouraged her to build on her shaken confidence by auditioning for the school play. They reasoned that if she couldn't be the creative kind of pony, then perhaps her destiny was meant for something else. Back then Glimmer had never been interested in hair and beauty, however she experienced somewhat of an epiphany when her mother started to show her how to properly take care of her coat. Much to Glimmer's surprise she found she enjoyed looking pretty and to everyone else's surprise, she cleaned up very well. With a shining new coat and a luxuriously soft mane, her audition for the role of 'Princess Platinum' went astoundingly well. Under the scrutiny of the crowds she thrived. Glimmer loved the idea of walking in somepony else's hooves and showing the world that she was more than just 'Ditzy Dimmer' from Fillydelphia. Glimmer was never referred to by that derogatory name again and earned her cutie mark shortly after her audition. A spotlight, to show how much she thrived when people had their attention on her.

Equipment: Glimmer does not own any noteworthy artefacts or equipment, however her magic is certainly intriguing. It doesn't seem the unicorn is able to do even the most basic of spells, however she has a kind of sixth sense for sadness. Ponies seem to just feel better around her, and Glimmer does her best to make sure everypony is happy. She always seems to skirt danger and avoid it by pure random chance. On stage, she doesn't get frightened or shy, instead Glimmer seems to come even more alive. Her performances seem to get better when there is a bigger crowd, like she thrives on attention. In fact, if one were to investigate this, one might find the seeds of a very positive kind of magic at work...
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 Posted: Aug 10 2016, 02:28 PM

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Right, I do believe that's everything. Welcome to the show!


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