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Posted by: Star Catcher Sep 29 2016, 11:05 AM
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Zebras herald from the far off lands of Unyasi. They are distant and remote, dwelling in small villages on the great plains of the vast continent. Far from Equestria, they are seen as alien and strange. Yet, they are very similar to ponies in many ways. They value friendship and peace and care for the land and the elements through their own unique rituals and traditions.

When the sky turned dark, the zebra suffered. The plains were always cold at night compared to the heat of the day. Now though, they are freezing and barren. The zebra have had to migrate to the coasts of their continent, and to the few oasis's they know of. Yet still, the land suffers and the Zebra feel it's pain. They are angry, frightened, tired and hungry. There is rumour of a famine among their tribes, and they are desperate for any way to grow food on their barren home.

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