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Nov 4 2016, 10:03 AM
If you've logged in as of late, you may notice something drastically different about the board. Don't worry, we're aware of the problem; many of the site's assets are saved on photobucket, which is currently down for maintenance. Don't worry, the site should be back to how it should be soon.
Nov 3 2016, 12:26 PM
Name: Kimono
Age: Mare
Gender: Female
Race: Earth Pony
Appearance: Click Here.
Personality: Kimono is a patient, intelligent, and calm pony. She is, however, rather quiet - it's not because she's can't speak, mind, but rather that she prefers to listen. "The scent on the wind, the color of the stream, these tell me what I need to know." - This was the sort of creed her mother imparted on her. This makes her respected by some ponies, but many fear her knowing things she shouldn't logically know.

That said, she is rather cowardly, and is scared of the dark, as well as sudden loud noises. She's an orderly sort of pony, which means she has trouble comprehending actions or phenomena she views as "irrational".
Backstory: Kimono was born in a small Neighponese district in Fillydelphia - her mother often stayed at home and took care of her as well as a small business on the side; her father, on the other hand, was constantly working to support the three of them, and Kimono never really got to know him. Her mother, however, was more than capable of raising Kimono, teaching her to value her own knowledge and talents, to stand on her own hooves.

Eventually, Kimono moved out, and now lives on the outskirts of a small town by the name of Ponyville. She enjoys the town for what it is - a quieter locale than the hustle and bustle of the bigger city she was born in - but at the same time, she sees that many of her fellow townsfolk know each other just a little too much for her own liking. She's not a secretive mare, but she does prefer to keep her distance.

Sometime down the line, Kimono's mother remarried. She's yet to meet her step-father or step-sisters - twin sisters, at that - but from the letters her mother has written her, one is a teacher, the other an entertainer of some sort.

When Eternal Night came to pass, Kimono's feelings against the new reign were heartfelt. The Sun and the Moon both had a right to lay claim to the sky, but there was a duality about the two of them, something that she felt had to be shared to be truly appreciated. Unfortunately, the sight of many ponies banding together into riots against the new regime - and promptly dying meaningless deaths for their lack of forethought stayed her hoof. No - if something were to change, it would be through careful planning, research, strategy. But first, she would need allies.

It was this change that drove Kimono to adopt her mother's business - creating paper lanterns for the streets, and for the little foals who feared the dark.

The light shall shine once again upon Equestria - by my own hoof, if necessary.

Cutie Mark: Kimono has a pair of paper lanterns for her cutie mark - representative of her inheriting her mother's craft. Unlike her mother, though, who actually *earned* her cutie mark for being good at her job, Kimono's first lanterns were horrible in quality. However, when her mother, seeing the value in her effort and refusing to allow her daughter to view her attempt as a failure, set to light the candle inside, the lantern burned bright, inspiring the mare. Her lanterns have since improved, but the spark has not gone out - now, more than ever, Kimono is reliant upon her lanterns to bring light back to Equestria.
Equipment: N/A
Sep 29 2016, 11:05 AM


Zebras herald from the far off lands of Unyasi. They are distant and remote, dwelling in small villages on the great plains of the vast continent. Far from Equestria, they are seen as alien and strange. Yet, they are very similar to ponies in many ways. They value friendship and peace and care for the land and the elements through their own unique rituals and traditions.

When the sky turned dark, the zebra suffered. The plains were always cold at night compared to the heat of the day. Now though, they are freezing and barren. The zebra have had to migrate to the coasts of their continent, and to the few oasis's they know of. Yet still, the land suffers and the Zebra feel it's pain. They are angry, frightened, tired and hungry. There is rumour of a famine among their tribes, and they are desperate for any way to grow food on their barren home.
Sep 29 2016, 11:01 AM


A secretive race far below Equestrian soil, not much is known about the Minotaur, however, at a glance, the features that stand out most prominently are the horns, and their size. Minotaurs are huge compared to your average pony, and because of this they are often taken to be threatening.

In truth, while Minotaur are indeed aggressive - especially among each other during courtship rituals - they are largely vegetarian, and seem to have mastered a method to farm and harvest crops underground. They also appear to have a talent for architecture - their cities, unlike the burrows of the Diamond Dogs, are walled off by massive stone mazes - a protection against the dangers that lurk in the depths of the earth.

Minotaur-Pony relationships have never been particularly strong - this is largely due to many ponies' fearful reactions upon first laying eyes upon their kind. That said, eternal night has not affected the Minotaurs in the slightest - and they intend to keep it this way.
Sep 29 2016, 10:59 AM


Once, long ago, the gryphons were a powerful race, with an empire as prosporous as Equestria itself - and relationships were friendly with the pony nation. That all changed when the idol of Boreas was lost to the depths of the Abysmal Abyss, when the cyclops Arimaspi attacked the heart of the Griffon Empire, stealing the great idol away.

Ever since the idol was lost, Griffonstone has started to fall into a slow decline, and many griffons were hostile toward ponies even before eternal night. Now, survival has become even harder, and many gryphons have been pushing to incite one last, desperate stand against Equestria.
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