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 Chapter 1, Written by SaintAbsol
Star Catcher
 Posted: Feb 22 2016, 10:21 AM

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One thousand years ago, the solar tyrant Celestia started her war against the forces of the Night.

The Lunar Queen fought valiantly against her traitorous sister, but it was all for naught. Using ancient and cursed magics, Celestia trapped the Lunar Queen within the moon itself, and wrested control of the heavenly sphere from her sister.

For a millennium, the Lunar Queen remained trapped; however, the stars of the night sky conspired to free their true ruler. Then, on the solar tyrant's most holy day, the Lunar Queen shattered her bonds and fought her sister once more. This time, she was victorious, sealing her in the moon as the tyrant had done to her all those centuries ago.

–Excerpt from 'The True History of Equestria', by Night Sky

Countless ponies still recall the tale of Nightmare Moon, when her hatred and jealousy corrupted the princess of the night into the wicked mare of darkness she is today. On the longest day of the thousandth year of her banishment, she returned to Equestria, as the tale of her fall prophesied; Celestia, unable to face her sister in battle a second time, was sealed within the moon itself as Nightmare Moon had been. With nopony left to oppose her, and an eagerness for battle most ponies didn't know, Nightmare Moon's conquest of Equestria was swift.

Day became Night as the sun was banished from the sky, hidden away from the eyes of the world. Nations began clamoring and raging to get the sun back, but Nightmare Moon made it clear she would go to war before the sun's rays ever touched her land again. Ponies and related species have become the target of open disdain among races outside of Equestria, and with a vindictive queen upon the throne, most have only returned this hatred in kind, advocating near total isolationism and banishment of non-ponies.

For those who oppose Nightmare Moon's rule, options are few. Nightmare Moon has made it bluntly clear what she will do to all she declares to be 'traitors', and outright said her hoof will not be stayed by wealth, name, or prayer. Any resistance must work only in the deepest shadows and speak softer than a whisper, lest she find them, and even they admit they can not openly defy her.

But, one hope still remains.

The Letter

When Nightmare Moon returned to the world, she confronted Celestia on the day of the Summer Sun Celebration. In full view of the populace, she viciously attacked the solar alicorn and was met with no resistance to her blows.

However, before she was banished into the moon, Celestia called a scroll to her, bearing her royal seal upon it. As her last act on Equestrian soil, Celestia spoke to the Nightmare.

“I will not fight you, Sister, not any longer. But nor will I abandon my dear little ponies. Know this, and know it well, the light of Harmony will shine once more.”

The scroll vanished just before Nightmare Moon could grab it, and Celestia refused to speak another word before she was sealed away, leaving the contents of the scroll and its destination a mystery. However, Nightmare Moon has shown a near obsessive desire to find this letter once more, leading many to assume it contains knowledge or magic that holds the power to defeat her.

Many now seek this scroll in secret, either for the chance to liberate Equestria or to gain favor with Nightmare Moon by bringing it to her. But, thus far, it remains hidden.

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