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 Rules of the Board
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 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 03:42 PM

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Well, here we are, at the rules section. Well, I suppose this goes without saying, but this is kind of to be expected. Just don't do these things and we'll have a fine time.

General Rules

1. Noctis Equestris is a PG-16 forum. There's going to be plenty of room for dark elements in this, and given the state of Equestria, violence and language are going to be a thing. That being said, sexual play is not allowed on the forums. (This is JCink Terms and Conditions; arguing a case with the staff here is not going to help you.)

2. Don't spam this place. A lot of effort went into making this forum a reality, and I'd like to keep it at least semi-serious. If you've got something OOC you'd like to share, there's a forum for that.

3. Respect others. The banhammer will swing fast and hard for excessive abuse and OOC harassment. If asked to tone a behavior down, just do so.

4. If you have a conflict with a member, try to work it out in private messaging, but keep it civil. If things escalate, report it to a staff member.

5. Plagiarism hurts everyone involved, and will result in a ban if found guilty. It's not worth it. If you find you *have* to base your work off someone else's, get their permission, and credit them.

6. Rules are subject to change. Everyone will be notified in patch notes if this happens.

On Roleplaying

1. There is no character/word requirement on posts - but for the sake of everyone's enjoyment, do put your best effort in what you write. This means posts should be legible, at least. (A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself how hard it'd be to come up with a response to your post)

2. Posts should be third person, and a good understanding of the English Language is expected of all players.

3. Godmodding and metagaming - Honestly, this is kind of like looking at someone's side of the screen in a multiplayer game. Given we can view profiles at any time, we as players are going to have knowledge our characters won't. The best way I can put it, is to not draw assumptions from that OOC knowledge. Let players play their characters the way they see fit.

3a: In terms of combat, there's really two things of note. First and foremost - less is often more. Very few ponies are anywhere near Twilight Sparkle in terms of magical prowess; anypony as fast as Rainbow Dash has likely had been scouted by the Wonderbolts in the past. Most ponies don't have that level of all-around talent. One of the beautiful things about having different talents is being able to use them in creative ways. Think outside the box, not everything needs to be measured in power levels and arcane knowledge.

3b: For the love of Celestia, don't powerplay or no-show attacks! This doesn't mean that you have to get hit with every attack thrown at you, but at least make an attempt to justify why your character was able to avoid damage. Inversely, don't assume every single attack you throw will land; the amount of damage a hit does, as well as whether or not it lands, should always be up to the receiver.

3c: Of course, in order to prevent unwanted consequences, it might be a good idea to speak with the person you're playing with beforehand so that both of you know just where you intend your characters to be. Obviously killing without express OOC permission isn't allowed, but depending on the situation, there can be several consequences to be had in losing a fight, especially as far as the resistance versus the Lunar Empire is concerned.

4. Liquid time, defined as having a character in multiple places/threads at once, is allowed, though it’s good to keep a general idea of your character’s timeline.

On Character Creation

1. Members are encouraged to speak with the staff about characters beforehand. After all, it's much easier to make changes on a character while they're being worked on than it is for a complete character to have to be rejected, their ideas either scrapped or salvaged.

2. We have a profile template for you to use, if you need it. If you want to make yours special, you're more than welcome to do so - though we must ask that you include the basics. (Which is essentially what that template has anyway; chances are if you're making a character, you should at *least* know name, gender, general age, race, and cutiemark, right?)

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