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I like to roleplay and play video games... Also big fan of nightmare moon so here I am.
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Aug 13 2016, 08:21 AM
Name: Helping Heart.
Gender: Mare (Female)
Age: 23
Species: Pegasus
Body and mane/tail: Heart has a Cyan pelt, and a casually-cut dark brown mane and tail. She stands at an average height for a mare her age.
Eye Colour: Brown.
Physique: Helping Heart is not an athlete but she is still relatively active. All things considered, her strength could be considered average.
Occupation: Emergency Medical Responder. (E.M.T)
Cutie-Mark: Heart got her cutie mark in school, It symbolises her proficiency and aptitude for using first aid and applying it to herself and other ponies, her aptitude naturally being that she wants to assist other ponies in need.
Personality: Helping Heart is generally a kind-hearted pony, always quick to help others in need. While she tries to keep a calm mind, a helpful trait for her occupation, she does have a tendency to lash out at others when stressed. To friends, she is a rather social pony, loving to laugh and have a good time - however she does have issues opening herself up to strangers.

Background: Helping Heart was born in Manehattan to a Pegasus nurse named Gliding Shadow, and a Earth Pony factory worker whose name she’d prefer not to bring up. For the most part, Heart was raised by her mother and those she interacted with; her father worked long hours, and she didn’t see much of him. Work in the hospital is never easy, though, and there were plenty of nights where her mother would be called in, leaving Heart home alone, often for hours at a time, as her father also worked long hours, and often returned home well past midnight. Heart was usually asleep at that time, but sometimes the arguments they had woke her, and she always tried to block it out. Throughout her childhood, the night sky was often her only company; she enjoyed the calmness of the night sky and the twinkling of the stars.
Heart went to school in Manehattan, learning the basic subjects - reading, writing, arithmetic, and, once her wings had properly matured, how to fly and manipulate the weather, but eventually she took an interest in medicine, much like her mother. This led to her constantly spending more time in her school's library as she read more and tried to learn more; this led to her not having many friends, and many of her peers teased her for being such a loner.
Helping Heart earned her cutie mark - a heartbeat line surrounded by red crosses - during an incident at school where she saw a classmate injure herself, and immediately knew how to respond. To her, the cutie mark is representative of her speed and skill with first aid. Shortly after, Heart dedicated herself to studying medicine, enrolling in a med school to become a registered nurse. Upon finishing med school, she found a job working with her mother at the Manehattan General Hospital, training as an E.M.T. and working at the same hospital her mother did until she had enough of the constant nitpicking from her parents and being downplayed at her job, so she put in for a transfer, which she is currently waiting to hear from.

When Nightmare Moon took the throne, Helping Heart was conflicted; while she loved the night sky that had kept her company all these years, she couldn’t bear the fact that it was under the rule of a pony whom stories and legends had painted to be merciless and cold-hearted. Even so, fear holds her tongue; she dare not speak up against the night tyrant, for the fates of those who would testify against her are unknown. Only the hope that Celestia will one day return to the land gives her the strength to go through her day - a hope that she needs now more than ever, what with all the news of resistances and riots spreading out all throughout Equestria, as ponies on either side break out into civil war.
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