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Aug 25 2016, 05:45 AM
Name:Whisper Wing
Age: Adult
Gender: Stallion
Race: Thestral
Appearance: Whisper Wing is your average thestral. His coat color is a dull grey, more along the lines of ash than anything else, and his mane and tail are similarly dark, nearly black. As per military regulations, his hair is cut short so as not to impede his duties in the Night Guard, with his tail similarly cropped. As with every other thestral, his wings are based on those of a bat or a dragon, with golden slit-eyes, ears with little tufts at the tips, and even fangs.

For a military pony, Whisper is actually fairly small. He's hardly a weakling, but he definitely has a smaller physique than what ponies usually think of when they imagine a guard, despite being of average height. Beyond that, however, Whisper doesn't really stand out from other thestrals all that much.
Personality: Whisper is... stoic, to an almost comical degree. In a lot of ways, this makes him pretty much ideal for his position in the guard; he doesn't really show emotion, can stand about for hours without complaint, and generally follows orders without much in the way of speaking up.

However, because of these very same characteristics, Whisper has immense difficulty outside of the military. His stoicism leads to difficulty with empathy and he often misses the majority of social cues, to say nothing of how difficult it is for ponies to read him in return. This isn't helped by his tendency to remain silent at nearly all times, only speaking a hoofful of words and even then rarely around ponies he doesn't know. On top of all that, while he fits perfectly well in with the military lifestyle, he struggles in the inherently chaotic mess that is real life, and has been known to just bow out of it entirely.

Truth be told, Whisper is a follower, nothing more. His inability to really connect with others makes him unlikely to ever be a leader, and his stoicism leads to him generally being ignored and overlooked by most of pony society. Going along with the flow is simply easier and causes him less stress, so it's the choice he often makes.
Backstory: Whisper is actually a Manehatten-born pony, though he spent most of his time in one of lower neighborhoods than in the city proper. Even at a young age, he possessed his stoic attitude, which -- coupled with his appearance and nature -- quickly got him labeled as the 'creepy' kid; a label he did nothing to refute or fight.

He didn't have many friend's growing up, and never really made the effort to fix this as time went on. And, like most friends made growing up, they eventually faded away over the years, leaving him largely alone through most of his adult years. He didn't really have much in the way of employment options either, given his naturally nocturnal nature, and his generally 'creepy' disposition.

Then, Nightmare Moon returned.

As a thestral, Whisper suddenly found himself in a position of both power and respect, falling into rank as one of the new queen's royal guards. A position that, even his stoic self has to admit he enjoys.
Cutie Mark: Whisper's flank sports only a single black feather upon it. To him, it's a natural extension of his already near silent nature, a talent for being 'silent as a falling feather'. He can fly while barely making any sound at all, move so silently and stealthily that he can slip through a crowded room without being seen, and can sneak up on just about anypony without them noticing.
Equipment: Night Guard armor.
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