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Aug 28 2016, 07:56 AM
Name: Mah'Raah
Age: Adult Doe
Gender: Female
Race: Deer

Blue-Green coat on a muscular build, but still more on the delicate side like other deers. Blue stripes of tatoos run over her face and legs. Green, hard eyes and an orange-red mane adorn her stoic face. Atop her head she wears a pair of antlers. Not her own as she's a doe, but still the symbol of warriors.

Personality: Mah'Raah may seem like she's emotionless, but that's because she does what has to be done to ensure the safety of her fellow deer. Not afraid to step over some boundaries she'd sworn to stop Nightmare Moon and bring the sun back. Not exactly a friend of ponies, usually liking it to stay in her hometown Thicket, but these times need an iron hoof to bring down such a tyrant.

Backstory: Mah'Raah grew up like most other does, taught in their druidic magic and tending to gardens and dressing wounds, but she never really had that much of a green hoof, magical talent or patience. Her hot headed and explosive nature soon brought to show that even if she might not be the best healer, she beat a lot deer in more or less playfull wrestling or fights. By the time her teachers gave up on training her, the elders gave her the option to take up the way of the warriors, high expectations for a doe to be granted an alternative from the traditions.
Her youth ended quickly after, consumed by training, patrols and standing her grounbd as a female in the warrior's ranks, but as much as she was getting funny looks at first, she's now respected for her skills and strength.
By the time Nightmare Moon took over and the sun vanished the deer had no problems, still far off from Ponyville and Canterlot, deep in the Everfree Forest, but soon there would be ponies findingthem in growing desperation for food, shelter and an escape from the new ruler's terrible regime. Not risking to mobilize a bigger part of their troops for reasons of defense and lacking information about Nightmare's strength, Mah'Raah was ordered to investigate and if possible find and help any existing resistances in defeating or weakening Nightmare Moon.

Equipment: Mah'Raah's equipment includes her mantle of moss and thorns and a massive sword made of stone. Her ability to shape and control plants in a restricted matter allows her to cover her mantle with thick thorns and swing her sword with the help of vines, but unlike some of the higher ranked druids she's not able to control multiple plants at once or make them grow or move at her will, so she focused on controling her cloak and vines. Additionally she wears a breastarmor composed of ironwood, a dense and hard type of wood found in the deepest parts of the Everfree Forest, shaped into the form of an armor by the elder druids.
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