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Nov 5 2016, 02:31 PM
It had been a full year since the last Summer Sun Celebration - a national event that took place on the first sunrise of the summer. It was when Celestia would speak her thoughts on the nation, her views on what she saw for the future and spread the word that she loved each and every one of her subjects. Big or small, Earth pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn. They all had a place in her heart. It was a national holiday, and one many held dear as a joyous occasion. Bands would play as Celestia ascended to the sky, bringing with her the morning sun. The ensuing parades were celebrations that often took the entire year’s planning for some of the smaller towns.

For Nightmare Moon however, this was not the case. She could remember when ponykind first started the annual celebration. While she at first passed it off as another means for her sister to enjoy the company of their subjects, as time grew, she began to resent their reverence. The effort they put in just to appease her, the ponies vying for Celestia’s attention while she always watched from behind the scenes.

Celestia was gone now though, but she was still here.

Nightmare Moon’s shoulders tensed up just a bit, in a strange mixture of guilt, anticipation, a twinge of fear, and elation. Celestia was no more. Her sun was banished from the horizon. Equestria was Nightmare’s now, eternally coated in the blanket of night. It had been her personal choice to use this day in particular for the public address. Probably as a means to drive home the fact, both to the people and to herself, that this wasn’t some sort of practical joke by the sun princess. Her eternal night was here, and it was going to stay.

She was given a signal by one of her underlings and the Princess of the Night strode forward, through a thin curtain and onto the grand balcony. Traditionally, speeches and matters of state were announced from here each term of the court and she felt it fitting for her latest speech. It may be a mere state address, but it was important nonetheless. Besides, Nightmare Moon felt powerful as she gazed over the gathered crowds, far far above them all. That was perhaps as important as anything else.

Nightmare Moon cast a glance to the radio operator next to her who quickly pushed a microphone in front of her, thus her voice might be carried over the radio waves to all the listeners throughout Equestria. The cheering crowd below, just like their radio tuned counterparts had been ordered that attending the speech was mandatory. Thus, the entire city of Canterlot had turned out under the watchful eye of her loyalist guards. The mare of Nightmare smirked a little, seeing their cheering start to die down as the operator in front of her tapped the microphone, a low rumble thrumming down below to signal that it was working.

“My, little, ponies,” she called, her grand voice echoing throughout Equestria by the miracle of radio.

The crowd below was quickly hushed and quieted by her announcement, signalling the beginning of her speech.

“Thank you,” she proclaimed. “Thank you all for turning out today to witness our newest proclamation. On this day, and all days henceforth. We will announce the state of the nation to all the ponies of Equestria, so that you all may have the opportunity to see and be a part of our great responsibility of guiding Equestria to a better tomorrow.”

She paused for a moment, knowing full well that some in the audience will be doubting her claims. “Indeed, what great progress we have made. Production in industry has never been higher,” it was perhaps the only thing that was, “And we are told by our advisors that Equestria is the forerunner in its craftsmanship and commerce.” Though in truth, the only reason why that was true was because the eternal night had greatly damaged their competitors.

“Of course,” she continued. “There are always problems. If there were no problems, then we would have no reason to work as hard as we need to. Indeed, we have heard many ponies are concerned about the latest crises regarding farming and welfare. Thus, we hereby make a commitment to ensure that every family in Equestria has a full stomach by the end of the next two years. No pony, will go hungry, no matter how rich or poor,” she declared triumphantly. “We will be outlining our plans, presently.”

There was a slight pause as the ponies gathered mumbled amongst themselves, the Queen of the Night letting them mull that over in their heads. “However,” she interrupted them. “Even as we progress ever-forward, there are those who seek to undo our work. Ponies who aim to put an end to our advances,” she exclaimed, the alicorn giving a single stamp with her right forehoof. “On my word as your queen, I promise that these… dissenters… will be dealt with under the fullest extent of the law. On this front, we will be structuring an information network throughout our lands. If there is anything you believe to be suspicious, we ask that you do your part for Equestria and share what you know. That way you may safeguard yourselves, and your families against these villains.”

With this, she gave a single nod, signaling that she was finished, her ears pricking up as she listened to the crowd below her. Oh, how she’d longed for this, to embrace the crowd as it spurred her words on - but for now she still had her duties to attend to. Information to discuss with her supporters, with those she had placed in power. Celestia had spent the past thousand years running this nation as she saw fit, now with construction well underway in the Everfree Forest to restore the ruined castle and the reports of rebellion and anarchy finally slowing to a trickle, she could finally begin her plan to remove any and all traces of her sister. Her brow furrowed, and she glanced up at the ceiling. Her gaze turned in the moon’s direction, where the likeness of the sun princess looked down upon the land of night, as if through a mirror.
Nightmare Moon snorted in disgust, feeling as if it was judging her before striding back into the castle once more.
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