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Aug 18 2016, 03:15 AM
Name: Rabi Dequo

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Unicorn

Occupation: Owns and is the sole employee of "Rabi's Menagerie", which provides any number of services or products to clients, though most of them are related to chemistry or engineering.

His mane and tail also have white streaks, and the cape is the closest thing there to the labcoat he wears.

Personality: Rabi is a very eccentric pony, and multitasks almost all the time. He prefers to always have some project or experiment running, sometimes more than one at a time, and is very good at juggling these tasks all at once. He could mostly hold a conversation while also working on a couple potions and a machine at the same time. This is mostly because his mind wanders way too much, which can make conversation difficult at times. Even so, his wandering mind makes it easier for him to switch from engineering to chemistry almost at the drop of a hat.

He is a friendly sort, rather cheerful most of the time despite seeing everyone as test subjects. Not that he'd actually experiment on them, he never does that without permission. He is extremely curious though, always looking for new things to try, which he will almost always undertake. He draws the line at hurting others though, which is basically the only line he has.

Backstory: Rabi was born in a boring little town on the opposite side of Equestria from where he ended up, and his early years mostly consisted of him being bored out of his mind. He had all sorts of ideas, but no way to implement them. Needless to say, this restless mind often got him in trouble, often getting grounded by his parents or hurt by his attempts at excitement.

One day though, as he was teetering on the edge of graduating from being a colt and still hadn't gotten his mark, a traveling potion maker came into town, and Rabi was instantly drawn to the type of science this pony did. So many different substances combining together to make something new, something more useful than it's parts. It made him curious, he wanted to know how it all worked. That night, he snuck into the room the pony was staying in and began messing with the chemicals. What he ended up with was a beaker full of different colors, but none of the things mixed. Frowning, he almost gave up until he accidentally shocked the bottle, the heat starting the reactions between the chemicals and creating a substance that ate through the wood floor when he accidentally dropped the beaker. Thankfully, that's all it seemed to eat through as there was a floor beneath with a somewhat expensive vase that happened to be in the perfect spot to catch the liquid. He hid in a closet as the pony went to see what happened, but the light from his cutie mark appearing gave him away, and he was once again grounded.

Rabi left the town the minute he was old enough, partially because he had started secret experiments and accidentally started a barn fire the previous day, but that wasn't important. He wandered across Equestria, stopping in Canterlot briefly to study more, which is where he discovered the other sciences. Chemistry he already loved, but engineering quickly joined that group.

He eventually moved on from that school, traveling more until he stopped in another city, the ideas in his head demanding to be put into action.

One such idea involved using mice as test subjects, and this is where he met his pet. Alba wasn't Alba at first, he actually started out gray, but the experiment changed his fur color as well as increase his size and intelligence. Alba became large for a mouse, though that mostly amounted to the size of a small squirrel. Rabi took the mouse in as a pet after that, glad for the bit of companionship and assistance with experiments.

He barely noticed the change to the world at first, distracted by another bout of experiments and projects, but when he did notice the absence of the sun, he was more curious than anything. After Nightmare Moon took over Equestria, he simply kept doing what he had been doing, pledging allegiance mostly to stay safe. Not that he planned to defy the government himself, though what other ponies did with what they bought from him was their business.

Cutie Mark: A black beaker with gears behind it. This represents his love and passion for chemistry and engineering specifically, and science in general. It also shows he is more on the dark side of science, willing to try most anything to further his experiments.

Equipment: He wears a lab coat mixed with light armor to give some protection. He also has limited lightning magic, enough to stun someone or give a machine a jump start. He also has a mutated white mouse named Alba that is about the size of a small squirrel and is smart enough to help with his experiments.
Aug 18 2016, 02:31 AM
Hello all! This is Pyro from Canterlot, in case you didn't know!
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