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Helping others. Making somepony's day. Making somepony's happy. Being a good friend. A good book. My Little Pony. Littlest Pet Shop. Teen Titans. Teen Titans Go. Marvel. DC. Superheroes. Roleplaying. Liv and Maddie. How to Train Your Dragon. Percy Jackson. Kane Chronicles. Books. Life. Stuff. Ask me threads. Forum games. Pinkie Pie. Words which I pronounce wrong, making them gibberish. Playing League of Legends. Spirit Animals. 39 Clues. Reading. Fantasy. Dragons. Drawing. Failing at art. Loving art. Writing poems. Editing stories. Watching people play games. Youtube. Archery. Rowing. Creating beats. LMMS. Despising Photoshop because I don't have it. Watching speedart. Playing King of Thieves. Telling people as little as possible about myself, while learning as much as I can about them. Laughing about things that probably aren't funny. Eating ice cream. Despising ice cream toppings. Loving sundaes but hating the syrup. Disliking the taste of purple Skittles because Advil. Biking. Photography. Looking at natural scenery and wondering how nature became such an amazing artist. Looking at art on DA. Staying inside for too many days and wondering why the Sun is so bright. Memorizing useless facts. Having way too many interests. Ask me if you want to know more about me.
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Name: Ebony Radiance aka Nightingale
Age: Late teenager, young mare
Gender: Female
Race: Thestral
Eye colour-She has a white pupil and a black iris-both adapted to the dark.
Character colour-She is a deep, navy blue, and her wings gradient from that into midnight black. The tips of her wings are a pale, almost white, yellow that has a sparkling quality.
Mane/Tail/Other-Her mane and tail follow a similar colour gradient as her wings, going from deep, navy blue at the root, but to a light blue. Both her mane and tail are long and straight, braided into dreadlocks with small metal shards tied to the ends as a fashion statement. Of course, they also double as a weapon in case anything wild happens during party nights. Both the tips of her mane and tail host the same pale yellow, almost white, colouring and shimmery quality.
Physique-She is a bit below the average height, but makes up for it with her other features. She has proportionally long legs, improving her agility and speed when running.
((Her image is my avatar))
Personality: Strong-willed and passionate, she can easily get fired up if it involves music-especially her music. Under normal circumstances, however, she is seem as cool, serene, and 'chill'. She rarely gives much thought to anything, but everything she does must serves an underlying purpose and has to benefit her in some way or the other. She's fun to hang around with, very unique, more-or-less respectful, and has lots of friends. Her lucky-to-go attitude brings about her phrase, "I make friends as fast as I drop them". She holds standards for everything, and if somepony disrespects those rules-they're out of her game. She is usually a cheerful, happy mare-but anger is as powerful inside her as any other. If anything, her coolness allows the lava to bubble up and carry the pressure stronger when it bursts~
She has a filly-like appearance to her that doesn't represent her age, and many tend to act 'adult' around her and treat her like a little filly. She hates it when that happens. Other than that, she's a mare with few complaints and brings about good times. The only topic she really gets passionate over is music-and most of her anger moments evolve around disrespectful listeners.
Backstory: Born to a high-ranking REA member and a model/singer/fashion designer, Nightingale's life was anything but eventful. Sure, her days were filled with Royal Galas from her father and party invitations from her mother-but, truth be told-majority of her life was spent in the Ebony Manor. Her parents were often away, and her family social status lounged in-between normal Canterlot family and elite socialite. That moderately popular status was quite confusing, and reduced Nightingale's peer group to a few others with 'in-between' families. They was neither popular enough to go to those 'Elite' schools, but was too high-ranking to fit in normally in a local academy. Her life was a shadow behind her parents', and neither parent actually served the 'parent' roles up to her. As time grew, she found her joy in music-and was able to strike a mark in the family history as a DJ. She lead herself through the shadows of her family to stand up in the music industry-to the respite and disapproval of her father.

Her father, Marquis Ebony Centurion, was a high-ranking member of the Lunar Guard. His family had served in the REA for generations, and he had hoped to continue that tradition with Nightingale becoming the first Aerion in the family to join. Her mother was Luxor Radience, a model-turned-signer-turned-fashion designer. Neither parent was usually home, both often on excursions for work. She grew up as Ebony Radience, raised by the Ebony Manor household. Away from parents. Her 'father' was the family butler, and her 'mother' was the housekeeper, her 'aunt' was a friend of her real mother, and her 'uncle' was her father's old work partner. She never had a certified schooling, preferring to spend her time shadowing others and working her Aerion magic in spying on Elites. Her mother was an Elite, and her father was nothing more than a commoner-that placed her in the middle. The few friends she had were almost all Aerion, enjoying stalking the night as much as she did.

As she grew, she found her life more and more uneventful. The only things that spiced up her day were visits from he 'aunt' and 'uncle'. She had grown so used to her parents' absence, that seeing them around just made her uncomfortable. The parties her mother used to invite her to grew monotonous and similar, and the brilliant Royal Galas her father brought were all mediocre and blank. It was all the same~ She saw no purpose in life, and everything seemed bleak. Even the joy of stalking the night and spying on ponies seemed too much work for such little benefit. Everything seemed monotonous, and the days that she wanted to stay locked inside her house overcame the days that she ran free outside. But it wasn't just that-she was coming close to the age to register for the REA. Her father wanted her into the 'club' so badly, and started paying tutors to train her for duty. She struggled and resisted against a future she saw no love in. Her father was horrified when she asked to pursue a future in music. Her mother had bought her a DJ station, complete with turntable and speakers-the moment she touched it, she knew it was her destiny. It was, afterall, the meaning of her cutie mark. Or so she thought~

Her father used the cutie mark to his advantage, saying the turntable needle was in fact a spear, telling her to relinquish her love of music to join the REA. The argument and monotony lasted for years, until the day of the registration for the REA. She made the ultimate decision to pursue her own dreams, unheading to the ideals of her father-and leaving home. As soon as she stepped foot outside, light and colour returned. Nothing governed her anymore-not family, not the REA-just music. She swore to make music her life, and to never lose that colour again. She also realized that, without her family, she had no money. She was determined and headstrong, passionate...and now the newest music sensation of Canterlot.

Now, she roams the streets of Canterlot, playing music for the Elite socials, Underground Music Scene, and everything in between. She has established herself a reputation as the maverick without bounds, musical freedom from society's estranged grasps. A few years back, she joined the Lunar Guard...but on Reserves. She had long lost contact with her father, disowned from the family fortune, status, and blood ties. Her mother, on the other hoof, had frequently supported her musical endeavor-paying for unpaid fees, helping her gain connections, introducing her to the musical side of society, just to name a few. The two remained strong supporters to each other, and her leaving of the family only seemed to strengthen their filly-mare bond. Her music can be heard in various different parties, and her original mixes have become Equestrian sensations. She loves her job, and makes sure that nothing will ever get in the way again of her true passions.

Nightingale holds a lot of respect for the Night, and she will be forever loyal to Nightmare Moon. But her doubts in her father and the RLG have left her on a more passive view, and she doesn't quite care about what happens between Nightmare Moon and all the drama anymore. She wasn't really affected buy her takeover, and Nightmare Moon seems to hardly have anything to care about 'another DJ'. In short, she doesn't care.

Cutie Mark: A silver turntable needle aimed and stabbing into a brilliant, neon pink treble clef.
Having a mother than loves social events and gatherings, it made sense for her to be brought into some of the more...tame ones. It was a small garden party in Manehattan for singers and songwriters, a little gathering for fellow creative minds like her mother. She was a mere filly, always hopeful to gain her cutie mark each and every day. As the party progressed, the DJ started to play some remixed tunes of popular music-and she loved it. She bounced around towards the turntable, watching the expert moves and listening to the powerful music. When the DJ left the station to grab a drink, she had the devious idea to try the art herself. She went into the station, only to find it a whole lot more complex then she had expected. There were just so many buttons to press! She struggled for a little, deflated that she couldn't manage to make even a single sound. Raised in a household of adults and ponies older than she was, she always felt left-out with cutie marks. She was the only one without her special talent defined, and she worked hard to search and find her destiny. At the party scene, she knew that spinning the turntable and making the music that blared out of the speakers was her destiny. She felt it. Alas, she was about to leave, with no avail at the turntable. Perhaps it was not her destiny afterall~

Just as she was about to leave, the DJ returned. The DJ herself was young-a rising star named Aurora "Borealis Scheme"-and had gone through the toils and troubles of finding a special talent. With the gentle waves of magic, the DJ grasped the young filly's hooves and guided them around the turntable and record. The soft beginning of a song played, and Nightingale's heart soared into the sky. Sure-the song wasn't the showcase, blaring remix that she had expected~ Sure-it wasn't her spinning the record and mixing the turntable~ But, in that very moment, it didn't matter. It was pure ecstasy, and she loved every note that came from the record. The next thing she knew, her flank was pulsing a dim, neon blue light similar of that to her coat-and her cutie mark appeared.
Unique Traits-As an Aerion, her unique traits include night vision, flight, cloudwalking, leather, bat-like wings, ear tufts, slit-pupiled eyes, As well, she has oversized wings-though more of an indifference to her than any other feature. She is also able to go for long periods of time without full-cycle sleep, able to regain her energy with several small naps. This ability has served especially useful for her job as a DJ, as many of the parties and events occur at night.
Special Equipment-she carries around a lap-sized turntable.
Aug 17 2016, 02:44 PM
Hiya! I'm Lyipheoryia Stertlings, aka Lyi. I love rp-ing and ponies...

I found this site from my friend Zealot, and the premise sounds neat~
Favourite ponies: Aloe and Lotus
Fav Princess: Cadenza

I've been a fan of MLP since G3, since it was what I watched as a child. I love how the show has evolved to the fandom, and...well, I love the fandom too!

((Yeah, I'm a pretty lucky-go-happy optimistic gal.)
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