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Aug 29 2016, 09:44 PM
Name: Solar Chaser

Age: Late Teen-Young Adult

Gender: Male

Race: Pegasus Pony

Something to note, due to the decrease in temperature clashing with his exothermic activities, he is shrouded in a heat-haze, a sort of mirage that distorts a pony's perception of him, as if they were looking at him through rippling water.

Personality: Outwardly optimistic and energetic, this pegasus pony is friendly to anyone who does not start off the meeting with hostility. He is willing to help other ponies in need, regardless of their side in the conflict. He prefers to approach his problems with a smile and a laugh, throwing around puns and typically finding humor in even the darkest [hah!] of times. He is a somewhat competent leader when he has to be; while he doesn't see the bigger picture at times, he does try to keep morale up, and he admits to working better on getting stuff done rather than hanging back and planning.

His opinion of Nightmare Moon could be considered a pragmatic one. While he does't necessarily like her, he simply abides by the law and hopes things ultimately work out.

His desire to keep others happy is also one of his biggest downfalls, where he tends to ignore his own well-being for the sake of assisting others; forgoing food so that friends can eat, forgoing sleep so that the others can sleep soundly. This is dangerous given his heat-radiance, as he has no problem with simply trying to power through heatstroke.

Deep down, however, Solar harbors a burning resentment towards others. The same ponies who had mocked him now thought he was a hot commodity. While he doesn't blame them personally. But he knows he must temper his anger. He knows full well that he has to share the warmth. Though grudges smolder in his heart, and may influence some of his decisions.

Before Nightmare Moon, Solar Chaser was a Manehattan pegasus who was trying to enjoy his life. He sought to simply live and let live, while helping others in any way he could. He was often considered a loser because he was a blank flank, but he didn't seem to care; so long as he got at least one pony to smile during the day, that was all he needed. When he attempted to join the weather crew, he failed the exam three times for being unable to regulate the temperature, turning snow into rain. His instructor noticed something was off when she tried to comfort him on his inability to pass, deciding to refer him to a doctor. The doctor couldn't quite explain it, but his body radiated excess heat, which was immediately designated the reason why he couldn't pass his weather-crew exam.

He took the failure in stride, figuring he could find out a new career path to take...but then Nightmare Moon showed up and threw Equestria into an everlasting night.

When The Eternal Night began, Solar was worried, but he kept his concerns quiet at first. Strangely, the cold that every pony had been talking about wasn't that much of a concern; he never even noticed that the temperature began to drop. It was only within the first month of NMM's reign that he had put two-and-two together as to why; the physiological quirk, the excess body heat radiating off of was protecting him. It was keeping him warm. He didn't wait for any pony to ask him, as his first instinct kicked in. He flew around Manehattan a few times, each lap, each pass en route, warmed the city up within a day. His family, his neighbors...they were able to at least have some comfort in the eternal night; which he saw had allowed them to get on with their lives better than they did before. Sure, food production and the like were more difficult than it was when Celestia ruled, but at least it was more manageable.

A few months later as tensions rose, he got the routine down and had even coordinated with the weather team since he had an idea. If he could spread the warmth to other places in Equestria, he could make life somewhat easier under NMM's rule.

Cutie Mark: That of a sun, Solar's talent is blended hoof-in-hoof with his strange physiology. He has learned to take advantage of his exothermic quirk, seeking to spread the warmth he can create while also maintaining his sunny demeanor. With Celestia's Sun gone, Solar Chaser decided he'd do what he could to bring on the next best thing. The conflict was because of Nightmare Moon's power grab, exacerbated by the coldness of the Eternal Night. He reasoned he could reduce tensions all around if he could warm the place up.

Equipment: Solar Chaser has his own body heat, something he's dealt with since he was a foal. While that sounds a little strange, it is because his body radiates heat all around him. It varies in intensity, based upon his motion; his resting temperature being a comforting warmth in relation to the coldness of the current day. His active temperature doesn't have a limit as far as Solar knows, but he can't handle maintaining it forever; he eventually has to stop to cool down, as going for extended periods will give him heatstroke which can progress to worse complications if he leaves it unchecked.

When doing it on his own, it only lasts roughly five to six hours, but when coordinating with a weather-team, the effects can last about a week, allowing him to move to another town to repeat the process.
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