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 Ruling on Canons
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 Posted: Aug 20 2016, 01:04 PM

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Right then - thank you once again, to everyone who participated in the discussions. I've come to a decision on what shall be done with these "debated" characters.

Over these last few days, I've seen plenty of argument for and against OC vs. Canon.
I've seen plenty of arguments about the drama it can cause if multiple canons are contested.
And I've seen the argument that if a character can be played well, then everyone should be happy.
My take on it?

Yes. People are going to want to play Twilight, play Rainbow, play the Mane 6. They're going to want to play the CMC, Zecora, Photo Finish. And, while I know that there's no way we can please everyone on this subject, it's also not right to completely cut out every character who has appeared in the show from existence.

So, here's what I'm proposing.

The Tier System

When I came up with the idea behind Noctis, I'd always wanted OC interaction to be the main focus of the story, with canons being an ideal alternative for people who had ideas on how they think some character or another managed to adapt to eternal night - or, in the case of the Mane cast, what might have happened if the ponies were never to discover their destiny.

But, while I can agree that in any MLP setting these characters would be highly contested, and there'd be plenty of angry feelings over not getting to play these characters, would it really be fair to deny these characters - and many others - a chance to be played?

So, having heard arguments on both sides, I've come to a conclusion that I feel will hopefully please as many people as possible, the Tier system. Here's my initial take on this system.


Luna - She will not be playable. The closest thing we're going to get to a canon Luna is Nightmare Moon, in one of her more pensive/relaxed moods.

Celestia - She will not be playable; the best thing that can really be offered for her is to ask a mod to play Celestia in a flashback.

NMM - Nightmare Moon is mod-only - and as of this moment Zealous and I are the only two who know the means to use her profile. This is because, as an integral role in the plot, it's vital that she be played consistently.

Main Characters - These won't be available for normal play, but rather relegated to background roles. Players will be allowed to refer to their existence, but that's about it.

Ascended Fandom Characters - These characters are not available for normal play at the moment. For now, players will be allowed to refer to their existence, but if there's enough demand for these characters they'll be put up for audition, on a character-by-character basis.

Secondary Characters - Due to not being as popular, these characters will be available for play, but an audition must be given to determine if the way you play the character is in line with the setting and adheres to a certain standard of quality.

Tertiary Characters/One-episode characters - These characters are available to be picked up and played freely. At the general level of popularity most of these characters hold, I trust that if a conflict arises, it can be settled with little trouble.

Background Ponies - These characters are practically blank slates. You've got an appearance and a cutie mark, now make them special and relevant to the plot. These characters will be freely available.


Is it complicated as hell? Yes. Yes it is. Unfortunately, this is also the best compromise that we could come up with for how to deal with the popularity of the mane cast, while not completely shutting out potentially interesting takes on background ponies.

Expect a list of characters that fall under these tiers soon.

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