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 Journey to the East, A storm on the horizon
 Posted: Feb 2 2017, 02:20 PM

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((Vanhoover was a relatively close location to where Storm and family would best be located. Admittedly this will likely be a small thread as Storm will be traveling to other areas. However, others are more than welcome to use this thread as their start too. Storm can't be the only one traveling East.))

"Water canteen, saddlebags, trench spade, sawknife, hand trowel, hammer, pruners, oil, cloth, some rations. All check." Storm stated. She was going over the supplies one final time before she departed.

"Be careful out there dear." Gaia said. She looked ready to cry.

"You behave yourself young lady." Tera said next. There was a note of pride.

"Don't die." Tempest said with a smirk.

"Tempest!" Gaia snapped, then whimpered a little. "Your sister is strong and... and you know that."

Tempest's ears folded down. "Sorry ma'. Sorry sis."

Storm wrapped a forehoof around Tempest and noogied her sister. "I'll be fine. You toughened me up with at that fightin' and learnin' yah did." She looks to the other two. "And what y'all taught me too." Her farmpone dialect was showing.

"Try speaking in a more proper dialect when in the city. Not every pony lives by the virtues." Tera pointed out.

"Yes father." Storm answered. She put on her saddlebags and moved to the door, and then walked out. The farm was still hanging in there, but signs of belt tightening was obvious. She could hear her family saying goodbye and shouting more advice. She felt tears welling up. She blinked them away and looked back. She seen them waving. She waved with her brightest smile, and then pressed onwards.

Her family lived south of Vanhoover, along the northern edge of the Smokey Mountains. Close enough to the mountainsides to rock farm off the mountainsides, and also close enough to decent soil to farm. Though that had changed since the Eternal Night had come into play. Most crops relied on sunlight to grow, and they were hit hard. Rock farming suffered none, but it wasn't exactly enough to live a full life.

Her goal was to go to certain key libraries to the East to discover the means to farm in the eternal night. Canterlot was almost directly east. With the constant night, she at least had a point of reference in the sky to know she was traveling the right direction, she hoped. Not enough in funds to travel by train so she was going to have to travel on hoof, if at least for now.
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