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Feb 2 2017, 02:20 PM
((Vanhoover was a relatively close location to where Storm and family would best be located. Admittedly this will likely be a small thread as Storm will be traveling to other areas. However, others are more than welcome to use this thread as their start too. Storm can't be the only one traveling East.))

"Water canteen, saddlebags, trench spade, sawknife, hand trowel, hammer, pruners, oil, cloth, some rations. All check." Storm stated. She was going over the supplies one final time before she departed.

"Be careful out there dear." Gaia said. She looked ready to cry.

"You behave yourself young lady." Tera said next. There was a note of pride.

"Don't die." Tempest said with a smirk.

"Tempest!" Gaia snapped, then whimpered a little. "Your sister is strong and... and you know that."

Tempest's ears folded down. "Sorry ma'. Sorry sis."

Storm wrapped a forehoof around Tempest and noogied her sister. "I'll be fine. You toughened me up with at that fightin' and learnin' yah did." She looks to the other two. "And what y'all taught me too." Her farmpone dialect was showing.

"Try speaking in a more proper dialect when in the city. Not every pony lives by the virtues." Tera pointed out.

"Yes father." Storm answered. She put on her saddlebags and moved to the door, and then walked out. The farm was still hanging in there, but signs of belt tightening was obvious. She could hear her family saying goodbye and shouting more advice. She felt tears welling up. She blinked them away and looked back. She seen them waving. She waved with her brightest smile, and then pressed onwards.

Her family lived south of Vanhoover, along the northern edge of the Smokey Mountains. Close enough to the mountainsides to rock farm off the mountainsides, and also close enough to decent soil to farm. Though that had changed since the Eternal Night had come into play. Most crops relied on sunlight to grow, and they were hit hard. Rock farming suffered none, but it wasn't exactly enough to live a full life.

Her goal was to go to certain key libraries to the East to discover the means to farm in the eternal night. Canterlot was almost directly east. With the constant night, she at least had a point of reference in the sky to know she was traveling the right direction, she hoped. Not enough in funds to travel by train so she was going to have to travel on hoof, if at least for now.
Jun 21 2016, 07:53 PM
Name: Storm Striker
Age: Young Mare
Gender: Female
Race: Unicorn

Appearance: Overall build is that of one starting to develop muscles, the youthful farm pone sort of look. White body, bright blue eyes, and black mane/tail color. Her hair parted in the middle, leaving little doubt of her unicorn horn perched atop her head. While the back part of the mane sweeps out slightly on either side and goes down to just below her neck. The lower part of her muzzle arcs nicely down to her neck while the upper part of her nose goes almost straight back, joining up roughly near the bottom of her eyes. Tail is a little long with a slight wavy look to it.

Personality: Being a good farm hand, Storm was raised to be kind towards neighbors and strangers alike. She was also one that was taught nothing beats a hard day's work. Friendly ponies are the type she likes very much so. The sort kinda like her in a warm greeting. Unlike those stuffy monarch pones that try to kiss up to the princess (or rather queen as it were now) for wealth or political gain. A few bits to live off of is nice, but that high brow, namby-pamby brown muzzle sort just rub her the wrong way. Those that are in the monarch due to hard work though, she'll be more respectful of. She also has a fondness for the shy and friendly types. Just something about them makes her want to try harder to be a good pone. The one type of pone that just really gets on her nerves quick is a bully. Push other ponies around because they aren't able to defend themselves, the thought makes her blood boil. Her favorite weather being stormy weather. Something about the rainfall was always soothing. And a thunderclap reminded her of those stories momma told her as a filly. She don't much like cold weather, makes growing crops harder to do. She's okay with reading, being raised to know a thing or two about books. She don't like stuffy outfits either. Why wear something that makes it harder to move around? But she will wear a cute dress if she's able to move about fairly easily. Intelligence is right around average.

Backstory: Storm Striker was born on a barn to Terra and Gaia Striker. Two farmers that grow two different types of crops. Rock and Garden farming. The two met at a farmer's market at various ages. Didn't take long before the families met and the two spent more time together. As of course would happen, the two grew closer.... eventually married. Storm was the planned second child in the family. Younger sister to a tomboy-ish sister. She got her toughened up and the two have tussled outside over a dispute here and there. Mom and Dad would let em get it out of their systems, then back to work. Simple life, hard work, happy family. The farm worked in both gems and produce, so wealth wasn't so much an issue. It seemed Storm and her older sister would inherit equal shares of the farm and business.... until that one fateful event when the Eternal Night descended upon the family. Crops started failing so it was on to rock farming to make ends meet. As things got tough, Storm and family discussed what to do. Sure the rock farm was holding out, but it was getting tight. Storm stepped up in going out to look into the eternal night, and maybe something to farm crops at night, as attempts so far have cost more than it's worth. Which in hindsight may have been the major thing straining the budget, but the family isn't one for not trying.

Cutie Mark: 3 bolts of lightning, the center bolt being larger than the other 2. Bolts in a gold-yellow color. Represents her electric and light weather-themed magic.

Equipment: Storm has a few unique spells. First off being in a blanket term of Electrokinesis, in that she's able to manipulate electricity for a variety of effects. Including light, magnetic effects, and even once briefly hovered with help of some scrap metal she stood on. Another one she's managed is a cloudwalk spell. Though that one took her A LOT of practice and a good word with some pegasi to get right. She's even been able to somewhat adjust the wind. Mainly a barrier-like spell. She's usually got on a saddle with a fair few pockets and pouches.

A day in her life
When she was young
Storm: Momma, tell me the story.
Gaia: Which one is that sweetie?
Storm: Why the night sky booms
Gaia: *giggles* Oh Storm...
Tempest: We have heard that one a hundred times.
Gaia: Tempest, it's Storm's turn to choose. So, the tale of the Windigo and Dragon

Long ago, before Equestria was fully founded, a war raged between two powerful creatures: The Windigos, monsters that walked the winds like earth ponies walking the lands, and the Dragons. Wyverns of the natural elements. As the two fought in the skies, the clouds would illuminate with the light of their magics. It was sometimes short, and other times long. Ponies could only watch from the ground. After years of fighting, the storm dragons had a way to chase them off. A strong spell and roar! To ponies, it sounded like a boom. Windigos ran off, fleeing in the skies. Every so often, the dragons roar and cast their spells to keep them away. So whenever you hear a loud boom in the sky and see bolts of light, know it's the dragons chasing off the Windigos.

*By the end of the story, both young ones were asleep. Gaia kisses her kids' foreheads*
Gaia: Good night.

The Day Storm Got Her Cutie Mark
Gaia: You two sure you can handle this?
Storm and Tempest: "Yeah."
Tempest: Don't worry mom, I'll be sure to keep Storm safe.
Storm: *groaning* SIS!
Tempest: I'm kiddin' ya sis. Take a joke.
Gaia: Just please be careful you two.
*Later, the winds gusting hard, Tempest attempting to shield them both but barely managing*
Tempest: We can turn back if ya want sis! I'll come along too.
Storm: We promised ma we'd make it. *attempts her own shield spell, does okay*
Tempest: *Blinks* Not bad sis.
*Night sky lights up with only a moment's notice, Tempest tries turning to Storm*
Tempest: Stor!
*The bolt should have struck, but instead, her horn glows as the bolt is dispersed along the outer part of her body, seeming to do no harm. Storm straining. Eyes glowing.*
Storm: Nggggh.... gaaaah... We are not the enemy, dragons, you hear me... WE ARE NOT THE ENEMY!
*A boom as a bolt climbs into the clouds. Storm collapses. On her flanks, her cutie mark. Relatively okay, just tired and magic burnout like crazy. Tempest managed to get things delivered and her sister to a doctor.*

When she was older
*Sounds of rain, one of the days when watering the field was covered by the natural world.*
Tempest: Little sister!
Storm: Over here. *Standing near the doorway of the barn*
Tempest: What is it with you and rain?
Storm: My favorite story, remember?
Tempest: *Giggles and eyerolls* Oh Storm. *sighs*
Storm: Guess I'm just a silly filly huh?
Tempest: Maybe, but you're a good girl for it.
Storm: *Blushes some* Sis!
Tempest: It's true. Well that and... it was storming when you got your cutie mark.
Storm: How could I forget... *leans against barn some* When they found out what I did, they were surprised.
Tempest: *looks down* .....I was scared I lost my little sister... *tears in her eyes* Sorry...
Storm: Hey hey hey.... *moves over to her sis, gently nudging the side of her neck* I'm still here. I'm fine. Had a huge headache... magic burnout... yeesh.
Tempest: *Laughs a little* But.... do you remember what you said, before you passed out?
Storm: Hmm?
Tempest: You said 'we were not the enemy.'
Storm: You sure you heard me right? Almost 'sounds' like I was part of that story I love so much.

(Put in WiP pending acceptance. Hope it gets a greenlight)
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