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 Long Live Evil! [Descendants], A Disney Second Gen, Advanced RP Site
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 Posted: Nov 8 2016, 01:10 AM

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And they all lived happily ever after...

Or DID they?

Years after swords were pulled from stones and evil fairies thwarted, the heroes of all the lands the world have pulled together and unified under the leadership of King Adam and Queen Belle in the United States of Auradon. Their assorted enemies gathered together and banished to the prison isle of ‘the Lost’, peace reigned in the lands… But that peace is about to be challenged.

A new generation are set to take the stage, with Prince Ben finally inheriting his father’s throne and giving a mandate that those children of the isle should have the chance to start again, free of their parents sins. Summoned through the barrier and enrolled in Auradon high, the first four, descended from the four most wicked names in Auradon history – Jafar, Maleficent, The Evil Queen and Cruella De Vil, were taken as a trial, though few expected it to work. Despite their underhand intentions and against all odds however the children proved themselves and broke free of their parent’s holds, embracing the offer of new life.

Now though, more are set to follow on in their footsteps, freshly summoned from the the island prison. Whether or not this new batch of villainous children can learn the same lesson or cling to the anger of the past remains to be seen. Or indeed if the children of Auradon can see past their own prejudices and allow the newcomers the fresh start they have been promised. Can old grudges be set aside by this new generation or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Which side will you choose?

Long Live Evil is a second generation Disney advanced role-playing forum, based on the world created in the TV movie Disney’s Descendants

What you need to know:

We accept both canon and original characters
It is not required to have seen the movie, however full plot synopsis available on site for those that wish it
Regular plot progression and themed-events
No daily check-ins required- just regular posts
No set word-count
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